Business chiefs ‘greatly optimistic’ about future but facing e-business challenges, says PwC

The survey reveals CEOs in North America are the most optimistic but even in Asia the future is viewed with considerable confidence.

But the survey concludes e-business is an enormous competitive factor with 68% of American and Asian CEOs predicting major, or at least significant internet driven competition.

Rosemary Radcliffe, chief economist with PwC, said: ‘Our survey reflects great optimism. This is clearly founded on the strong performance of the world economy in 1999, particularly in comparison with the previous year when there were serious problems in Asia, in Central and Eastern Europe, and in South America.’

Cathy Neuman, deputy global leader, e-business at PwC, said the rapid advances in technology means senior executives simply cannot act with certainty.

She said: ‘Instead they must make decisions quickly and try to be directionally correct.

‘They have to learn to say, ‘You know what? I’m not certain precisely what our end point is, but I believe we?re headed n the right direction. So let’s go.”

Learning to be directionally rather than certainly correct means they have to develop an exit strategy.’

She added: ‘E-business means that CEOs must learn fundamentally new ways of thinking. Trust me that’s harder than it sounds.’

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