Complaints against Revenue fall 25%

Link: Revenue finds itself ‘dead’ wrong

The availability of an internal adjudicator helped reduce the number from 206 complaints the previous year to 145.

But the reduction still left cases like that of an accountant who protested his clients were being charged penalties for late income tax payments despite clearing tax liabilities before the deadline, and complained about the time the Revenue were taking to put the fault right.

The Revenue said they knew about the computer error before self-assessment came in – but too late to do anything about it at the time – apologised and offered to reimburse costs.

A company denied by bad Revenue advice an opportunity to invest a total of over £180,000 in pension schemes was reimbursed costs of £36,000.

And Customs and Excise paid over £23,000 in settlement to a trader they forced into bankruptcy over an ‘almost wholly spurious’ VAT assessment of £6,700, when the true amount outstanding was just £160.

Customs was ordered to review civil recovery procedures.

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