BDO extends international network

BDO Dunwoody LLP in Canada has merged with Sill & Company adding a further seven offices across the country, while in the Netherlands BDO took over accountancy firm Alfers & Limbourg, which separated from KPMG Maastrict around a year ago.

Chris Swinson, UK member of BDO International Policy Board, said: ‘The International network is being built on strong local roots that recongises the unique local needs of entrepreneurial businesses while providing the regional, national and international support when clients are ready to expand.’

In the last 12 months, BDO International has increasingly branched out into new and emerging economies such as Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Panama, Latvia and Nigeria.

Raymond Werker, a board member of Alfers & Limbourg, said: ‘We opted to join forces with BDO, an obvious choice for us, given its strong position with growing businesses and we are quite at east with its culture.’

The UK’s BDO Stoy Hayward came seventh in Accountancy Age Top 50 table 2000 with a fee income of £160m. BDO International reports a total fee income of over $1.7bn.


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