PwC overtime suit website goes live

A website has been launched to give a blow-by-blow account of a class action
suit which PwC is currently fighting.

The Big four firm is being dragged through the courts in the US on an
overtime practices issue and the union Unite Here has set up the,
to allow accountants to keep up to date with developments.

Caitlin Prendiville, a researcher with Unite Here said, ‘It serves as a site
for people in the accounting industry who want information about the lawsuit and
who want employment information about all the Big Four firms, not just PwC, and
provides a place for PwC employees to find out about the lawsuit.’

PwC is the first Big Four firm to face a suit of this kind in the US,

‘We became aware today that a labor union called Unite Here has put up a Web
site for the apparent purpose of commenting on a litigation pending in the
California courts in which it is uninvolved,’ said PwC spokesman David Nestor.

‘The lawsuit involves allegations relating to the classification of employees
under applicable wage-and-hour laws. PwC believes that the firm’s employees are
properly classified under these laws and therefore believes the case is without

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