TNT eager to explore minority stake in Royal Mail

Lord Peter Mandelson, the business secretary, has revealed the government is
considering selling a minority stake in its poor-performing
Royal Mail in
what he describe as an essential move to maintain deliveries six days a week
across the UK.

The Dutch postal giant TNT
responded immediately, saying it was eager to open talks on developing a
‘strategic partnership’ with Royal Mail. Other possible bidders include
German-owned DHL Express and UK’s Business Post Group, The Independent

It is understood ministers – who are said to have started urgent negotiations
with private investors leading up to a decision early in the new year – will
offer a stake of between 25% and 33% in Royal Mail.

The business secretary told peers a massive injection of private capital was
vital to secure Royal Mail’s long-term future. ‘It is the only company capable
of delivering mail to every address in the UK, six days a week, and… that will
be the case for the foreseeable future. So a healthy Royal Mail is vital to
sustaining the universal service,’ he said.

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