Taking Stock – Hmm … PwC is conspicuous by its absence.

Champagne all round at Deloitte & Touche after it was voted the top professional services firm to work for in the Sunday Times 50 Best Firms survey.

Coming in at a very respectable 28, the firm was placed ahead of Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, who were placed 31 and 40 respectively in the league topped by Cisco Systems.

D&T’s culture was said to be one of ‘openness, fairness, a sense of humour, a dislike of bureaucracy and a zest for achievement’. Surprisingly there was no mention of KPMG which has thrown a good deal of effort and resource at improving the lot of ‘its people’.

And it was amusing to see that Hewlett-Packard, one time fiancee of PricewaterhouseCoopers came in at number 15 with no sign of PwC itself.

Mind you, there are at least 110 soon to be ex-partners who possibly didn’t say nice things when the researchers called …

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