Leader – Embrace change or lose out.

Frustrated, disempowered, dedicated and business activist might sound like the seven dwarves’ less famous cousins. One of these mantles, however, is more than likely to apply to you.

Earlier this summer Accountancy Age set out to gauge the mood of the accounting profession today. Profession is probably no longer the right word. How can a single umbrella word be used to describe a group of disparate individuals working in a variety of sectors who describe themselves variously as entrepreneurs, business leaders and even – sometimes – using the old-fashioned term ‘accountants’?

Market research agency NOP Business conducted the study for us. And based on a series of round table, face to face and telephone interviews with around 500 of you, they split you into four key groups.

The good news is that 83% of you seem broadly happy, fitting the profile of the dedicated accountant or business activist. That 17% of you – disempowered and frustrated – are not, should not send alarm bells ringing. Any profession, sorry business group, as large as this one cannot be 100% happy all the time.

Cliches aside, the pace and depth of change is greater today than ever.

The ongoing technological revolution (IT processing, communication and e-business) is seeing to that.

The risk for the business activists and dedicated accountants among you is that you fail to embrace those changes quickly enough. Do that and risk winding up frustrated or disempowered.

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