SFO chief stands firm on consumer fraud

Richard Alderman, SFO chief

Richard Alderman stands firm

The Serious Fraud Office’s new director, Richard Alderman, has reiterated his
desire to get involved with consumer fraud, despite calls to concentrate on
corporate fraud.

Former SFO director Ros Wright and forensic experts have argued that he
should focus on the high-value public interest cases of fraud and corruption.

Alderman, writing in this week’s Accountancy Age, said he is keen
for the SFO to be associated with pursuing ‘boiler-room and advance-fee frauds’.
He argues these cases should be ‘equally prominent on our radar’ and the SFO’s
skills in detection, prosecution and compensation would be valuable.

Alderman refers to his desire to build ‘closer relationships with
intermediaries such as the accountancy institutes’ to mount joint initiatives
combating fraud.

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