Green report threat

Environment minister Michael Meacher is set to impose compulsoryrds ceremony. environmental reporting on companies that fail to produce sufficient information.

At an award ceremony for leading environmental reporters, he praised the best companies but threatened others with compulsory environmental reporting if they are not able to improve their ‘green’ information.

At last week’s ACCA Environmental Reporting Awards, Meacher said there were wide differences between companies on the level of reporting. ‘Too many of the larger companies are lagging behind. Over 120 of the top 350 don’t appear to publish any environmental information,’ he said.

Meacher said he would like to see all companies with over 250 employees report on their green performance. ‘Every company’s report should address the business’ environmental impact. I want to see voluntary improvements in this area.’ He said he would be writing to the 120 companies that do not appear to publish green information and ask them why this was the case.

Meacher singled out a number of companies that had failed to produce a report when he said: ‘Marks & Spencer discloses its environmental policies – so why does not House of Fraser? We can see what Sainsbury’s and Tesco are doing – but how far behind are their rivals Asda and Somerfield? BT knows it’s good to talk – so why doesn’t Cable & Wireless?’

He added: ‘Woolwich is the only large retail bank that has failed to communicate its environmental activities to the public.’ A Cable & Wireless spokeswoman said environmental reporting would feature in future financial statements.

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