Each month we address a vital issue close to consultants’ hearts.

After receiving your response, we will analyse the results in the subsequent issue. In our Four into One column on page 5, you’ll notice that industry figures disagree over the importance of industry qualifications.

“Do you think that an official independent qualification, such as the CMC, will make any difference to your career prospects or customers?”

A. It’s vital

B. It can only help

C. Won’t make any difference

D. It can’t really help

E. It’s a bad idea

Response by e-mail only. Mark the letter of your choice in the “Subject” box of the e-mail. DO NOT WRITE ANY OTHER TEXT IN THE SUBJECT BOX. Please enclose further comment within the e-mail itself. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and a #30 book voucher will wing its way to the respondent who provides us with the most contentious comment.

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PMI Management Consultancy has won various projects in Beirut and Budapest. It has already opened offices in Budapest and Madrid this year.

The Management Consultancy Business School is set to announce a series of 18 two-day short courses in management consultancy, to begin in May 1999. Those interested can contact Rebecca Shepheard on 0171 845 9984.

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