Website will take the strain for SMEs

The aim of this is to take on the burden of non-core, but essential functions, allowing SMEs to focus on key business objectives.

The site offers a range of services from preparing financial accounts to providing a question and answer forum for business issues.

In addition companies registered with Inaltus can have websites designed free of charge, or have existing sites enhanced for £25 per hour. Inaltus offers to host websites on its own servers and will register them with search engines and web directories at no charge.

Along with these services, the provides useful guidance and advice on topics as varied as collecting debt, recruiting staff, writing a business plan and choosing office space.

The site has taken out a number of partnerships with other organisations, neatly integrated into the content, which aim to benefit users further.

Among these are a credit checking facility, as well as a host of downloadable business forms, book reviews and news.


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