Arctic Systems: Geoff Jones talks of ‘terrible ordeal’

Geoff Jones has talked of the ‘terrible ordeal’ he and his wife have been
through in fighting the Arctic Systems case.

Speaking after winning the case in the House of Lords, the highest court of
appeal in the UK, Jones said: ‘Diana and I are delighted that the Law Lords have
vindicated our position, and confirmed that we have done nothing wrong. This has
been a terrible ordeal for us, which looked like it could cost us our home at
one point. We’re relieved it’s all over, but I am still extremely angry that the
government tried to pull this stunt in the first place.’

The Professional Contractors Group, which helped fund the Joneses appeal,
expressed relief at the verdict of the Lords.

PCG chairman David Ramsden said: ‘This is an enormous relief for family
businesses throughout the UK, who had been facing a tax rise from a previously
obscure bit of law. We will now be working to ensure that HMRC respects this
decision and does not attempt to penalise family businesses unfairly.

‘I’d also like to pay tribute to Geoff and Diana Jones, who have conducted
themselves with dignity throughout and battled on for the good of thousands of
other small businesses, when others might have thrown in the towel and paid up.’

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