Disabled accountant slams the ACCA

Link: Blind accountant accused over a ‘favour’

Speaking ahead of his tribunal, in which the association will accuse him of practising without a certificate, George attacked ACCA’s bylaws as being ‘written by lawyers who don’t understand accountancy’.

‘The simple fact, which can never be manipulated, is that I will never be able to work, and ACCA knows that,’ George told Accountancy Age. ‘It just demonstrates ACCA’s lack of competence.’

George was given thousands of pounds in benefits by ACCA’s benevolence fund and is also on state disability allowances.

Despite this, ACCA’s independent assessor concluded that George should face a tribunal because he interviewed a prospective client of his father’s for three hours as a ‘favour’.

George, who has been flooded by messages of support following the revelations of his case in Accountancy Age a month ago, did not receive payment for the favour.

A spokesman for ACCA said it would be an open tribunal but would not comment on the case

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