KPMG backs workplace diversity campaign

A KPMG board director, named on a Pink List of the most influential gay and
lesbian people in the country, has led the firm in joining pressure group
Stonewall’s campaign to improve working conditions for gay employees, writes
Gavin Hinks.

The firm becomes the 100th member of the group’s Diversity Champions project,
joining the likes of the Walt Disney Company and Shell in promoting diversity in
the workplace.

KPMG’s involvement is led by Ashley Steel, a director on the firm’s board,
who was named at number 30 in the Independent on Sunday’s list of the UK’s 100
most influential gay and lesbian people.

Steel said: ‘We joined Stonewall’s Diversity champions because we wanted gay
people to feel comfortable with themselves and that we are an organisation that
has no prejudice. The fact I have come out and I’m on the UK board gives that

Stephen Frost, manager of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions campaign, said:
‘Good employers understand that diversity is good for staff and good for

Among civil servants, politicians, playwrights and novelists, Steel was
ostensibly the only gay figure from the City listed. Sir Elton John was named as
the most influential gay person in Britain while Steel, a Phd and KPMG global
head of transport, was ranked higher than Peter Tatchell, head of campaign group

PricewaterhouseCoopers is already working with Stonewall, but KPMG’s entry in
the campaign is prominent because of Steel’s seniority and willingness to be in
the public eye.

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