Best Value given approval

Of the managers asked at the annual conference of CIPFA, 80% gave Best Value their approval and said they wanted to play a ‘full part’ in achieving its aims.

However, the managers did launch some criticism too, saying the regime was ‘too prescriptive and indicated uncertainty about the government’s inspection plans.

Only half of the managers said they understood how the Best Value inspectorate would operate.

Vernon Sore, director of policy at CIPFA, said: ‘The fact that the majority of conference delegates welcomed the Best Value initiative shows a positive attitude among CIPFA members to coninuous service improvement.

‘The uncertainty around the inspection role is perhaps not unexpected and signals a need for inspectors and local authority staff to work together on improving communication and understanding as the inspections programme unfolds.’

The survey was carried out jointly by CIPFA and KPMG where David Reeson, the firm’s director of government services, issued a warning.

‘While there is a groundswell of support for the aims of Best Value, local authorities need more freedom and less direction to achieve those aims.’

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