Taking Stock – Where on earth? Oh no, it’s back!

Honestly, the lengths people will go to. Readers might remember that for a while TS published pictures of accountants reading the Age in daft places around the world. And then we got bored of it.

That was until Charles Hemming, former president of the South Eastern Society of the English ICA, sent in this picture. Here we see the intrepid diver 100 feet below in the Red Sea, clearly finding the incisive writing far more interesting than the abundant sea life around him. A great deal of planning went into the shoot, with various members of his staff laminating and sewing the pages so that he could fulfil his dream of appearing on the back page. Apparently Charles, currently to be found in Tunbridge Wells working for Brebner Allen Trapp, and his ‘buddy’ used up two rolls of film to get the picture, but TS thinks it was worth it.

This now sets the benchmark, and TS would be surprised if anyone can better this (but then TS has been surprised before …). Of course, someone sky diving might do, but please don’t take this as a challenge.

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