Letters –

As ICAEW members we elect into office, be it council or district society, those we feel will best represent that group. Almost without exception those elected are not fools! Those of us who have been part of the elected body of decision makers, have done our utmost to consider all aspects of the local infrastructure proposals and beyond. Honing and fine tuning has given us a much better working model than ever could have been imagined a year ago. Why then do we need a referendum (special meeting), when the members’ elected representatives, virtually unanimously, consider the right options have already been taken? We can’t all be wrong! Sad though it may seem to some, my district society has been part of my business and social life for twenty years – I hope I have helped to ensure it will remain so, but with a greater degree of support and professionalism from the centre than ever before.

If you value an improved level of skills supporting your local volunteers, I would urge you to vote against the resolutions of the special meeting on 11 July.

Richard Ransom, immediate past president, Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln Society of Chartered Accountants.

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