Intuit refreshes accountants’ scheme

Intuit has refreshed its accounting partnership programme in the UK, and
launched a new nationwide online search facility, that puts business people into
contact with accountants.

The programme has relaunched with a new web portal, plus new marketing,
training and support resources, designed to develop the market for advisers who
recommend QuickBooks for their clients. And QuickBook users and new customers
will be able to use the online search tool to look for accountants who are
partnered with Intuit, known as ‘Intuit Professional Advisers’.

Susan Lazareff, managing director, Intuit UK, said: ‘The effectiveness of our
working partnership with the professional advisers is vital to how Intuit helps
UK small businesses manage their finances with QuickBooks. We want two-way
communication to continue to be the hallmark of this partnership, and we are
refreshing and growing the programme with the enhanced support resources our
partners recently requested.’

The move comes as Intuit battles in the US against Microsoft’s launch of a
small business accounting product that ties into Office. Microsoft’s software
launch was backed up with the introduction of its own accountant’s scheme, known
as Professional Accounting Network.

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