Web Reviews – Learn the rules of the game.

With the first leg of the great corporate entertainment bun-fight known as the Six Nations rugby tournament out of the way, and the second round coming up this weekend, now is probably a good time to get up to speed with all matters sport.

Imagine the scene – you’re lucky enough to get an invite to Twickenham, but don’t know the first thing about rugby.

You don’t want to feel exposed by your ignorance, so turn to the net for a quick catch-up on who the main players are, what happened last time, and what is likely to happen this time.

This is one of the many beauties of the net – you can become an passable expert on any subject with the least effort. Crucial if you have important clients to impress.

You just need to know where to look. As always, it is worth starting off with a general site before drilling down into more detail.

The internet has a stadium full of sporting sites, but after a few arbitrary clicks, www.sportal.com arrived on the browser.

Here you can read about most mainstream sporting news, from football to tennis, rugby to horse racing. The site gives you a good rundown on what is happening, all of it up-to-date.

And it is not just a UK site – you can find out what is happening in other countries including Italy, France and Australia, the only problem being that it comes up in the native language. It is well-designed, but tries too hard to be all things to all people.

The same is true for www.sportinglife.com, but this site is clearer, not so cluttered.

Here you can read columns by a number of sporting stars, though describing Tony Diprose as an England rugby ‘star’ was probably pushing it a bit.

There is a wider choice of sport to read about, but it does not have as big an international element.

Both sites are good for forward planning – sporting calendars are always helpful when deciding on client entertainment.

www.sport365.com sums up in its title how obsessive some people can become about sport. From this portal it is possible to link up with ‘365’s other sites, including www.planet-rugby.com and www.racetips365.com.

This last one gives a clue as to who is funding all these sporting sites – the online betting community. All the sites have banner adverts from the major players, making losing money just that little bit easier.

So watch this space to see what chancellor Brown does about taxing online gambling in this spring’s Budget.

Football understandably takes up more cyberspace than probably all other sports put together.

Picking on one, www.planetfootball.com is a statto’s dream, full of information, easy to get around, with good links to the top stories. Here is your chance to become as well-informed in the pub as the other armchair pundits. These are just a few of the mainstream sites.

The net has opened up many opportunities for all sporting communities, with some sites at the forefront of exploiting web-based technology such as webcasts.

The virtual terrace is only a couple of clicks away.



Good starting point, links to a number of mainstream sports, good international coverage. Packs a lot in, but too cluttered.



Equally good general site, wide range of sports covered, good pundits area. Clean layout, easy to navigate, up-to-date news.


www.sport365.com Umbrella site for a number of ‘365’ sites for real enthusiasts. Full of stats, links to other ‘365’ sites, one for every day of the year.



One of the better dedicated footie sites, as much information as you can shake a boot at. A statto’s dream.


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