Rose happy to remain rooted to ACCA

ACCA was yesterday shocked, after Andrew Hind, revealed as the new chief executive to take over from Rose in March, announced he would not be assuming the post after all.

Hind, finance director at the BBC’s World Service, pulled out of the £150,000 a year job after failing to agree contractual terms with the institute.

As a result, Rose will now stay in post while ACCA resumes the search for a new chief executive, and she told she was more than prepared for the additional stint.

She said she did not know how ACCA would now be attempting to find a new successor, but added: ‘I have been here 25 years, so another few months will not have a big impact on my future. I feel a massive commitment to ACCA and I am happy to stay for a while longer.’

Rose added she was still not certain what she will do when she does finally manage to retire.


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