Cooper Parry and Barclays settle out of court

Cooper Parry and Barclays have resolved their differences over the use of the
advertising strap line ‘Now there’s a thought’, and have settled out of court.

Accountancy and business advisory firm Cooper Parry sought a High Court
injunction earlier this month to bring Barclays’ most extensive national
advertising campaign for many years to a grinding halt.

Cooper Parry has been using the ‘Now there’s a thought’ strap line since
2001, when it launched a new identity and corporate strategy under that banner.

Barclays will now continue to use the phrase as part of its
multimillion-pound campaign, designed as part of a strategic overhaul of its UK
banking operation under the banner ‘Barclays: Now there’s a thought’. The
campaign includes extensive press, TV and billboard coverage.

Cooper Parry chairman Colin Shaw said in a statement: ‘This matter is now
completely resolved from our perspective and we will be taking no further
action. Barclays has acted rapidly to address our concerns in this matter and at
the end of the day we accept that no harm was intended. We can all now get back
to what we do best, helping our clients achieve their business goals.’

Analysts have speculated that the out-of-court settlement will have included
a significant sum in compensation.

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