Graduation at last for insolvency practitioners

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Desmond Flynn, chief executive of the Insolvency Service, will hand out scrolls to candidates who have passed the notoriously difficult papers set by the joint insolvency examination board. Only around half make the grade each year.

The qualification allows students to apply to their professional body for an insolvency licence, enabling them to take on appointments.

Gareth Hughes, president of R3, said: ‘Completion of the JIEB examinations is clear evidence of a candidate’s ability and commitment to the profession.’

‘This first presentation ceremony gives each successful candidate due recognition for the hard work and determination they have shown in passing these tough exams and we are delighted that so many of them are able to join us today.’

The amount of work involved in passing the exams is immense, with students often simultaneously holding down full-time jobs and family life.

R3 said it was time that a commemorative ceremony was held in common with other professions. Half of those who passed this year are expected to attend.

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