Lib Dems call for new tax powers

Former Liberal Democrat president Robert Maclennan, now the party’s constitutional affairs spokesman, will also urge the party’s annual conference in Bournemouth next week to back proposals to separate the legislation from a Tax Technicalities Bill to permit greater consultation on the detail of tax matters.

The proposals are on top of plans for a 50% tax rate on incomes of over £100,000 per year contained in its draft manifesto, which the party is expected to rubber-stamp.

The party will also debate a call for a crackdown on the banks, approving the Cruikshank report detailing ‘profound competition problems’ in the industry.

Besides greater fiscal autonomy for devolved legislatures, the conference is also expected to renew its support for a local income tax to replace council tax as the main revenue for local authorities. It is also expected to back a tax on greenfield development to fund the restoration of urban derelict land for housing.

This year most of the policy calls will be proposed by leading party spokesman an increasing trend at Liberal Democrat conferences.

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