Helping hand for older accountants seeking work

A website dedicated to finding work for older accountancy professionals has
signed up more than 100 job-seekers following the publication of an article on
ageism in the workplace in Accountancy Age.

Martin Lloyd-Penny, 53, an FCA with many years’ business experience was made
redundant last year and, for the first time in his life, found it difficult to
find employment.

When he saw the article in Accountancy Age Gone to Seed (page 17, 4
August, 2005) he decided to things into his own hands and formed with the motto: Experience + Expertise = Better Value.

Then, in a letter published in Accountancy Age on 25 August, 2005 he
thanked us for the inspiration for the site, and since its publication, more
than 100 professionals have responded. He has now begun finding a number of job
opportunities for them.

Penny said he was amazed at the reaction: ‘I have been amazed and dismayed at
the number of “older” accountants who cannot find work in the UK once they get
to a certain age. You would not believe the range of experience and expertise
that these people possess, and in many cases that is going to waste.

‘Some experienced ageism as young as 35, and once you get to 50 it’s getting
increasingly difficult to compete in the marketplace.’

Penny says his site is designed to provide a recruitment database of mature
accountants looking for new challenges; market that database to employers across
the UK; demonstrate the benefits of working with mature and experienced
accountants from all sectors and backgrounds; and offer employers the lowest
recruitment fees in the UK (10%) and lower-than-average salary costs that
reflect the life-cycle needs of the over 45’s.

He says he also aims to work closely with the Institutes to market his
services, and generally increase awareness of ageism in the workplace and help
change attitudes.
‘What started off as a bit of fun is developing into a serious business
venture,’ he said.

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