Taking Stock – Between the covers.

Don’t pick up The Arc of Ambition: Defining the Leadership Journey unless you’re feeling particularly robust.

This not to say that James Champy and Nitin Nohria’s leadership text is a heavy tome. It’s just that going along with its ideas takes a certain mental elasticity.

The book’s premise is that the careers of ambitious people follow an identical path. That ‘unique human energy’ starts with our early dreams, continues with an apex of achievement and tails off into decline. Fair enough, just not especially remarkable.

The authors have examples from Garibaldi to Starbuck’s Howard Schultz to prove their point.

And therein lies the book’s charm. At the root of many a management book, lies the anecdote. And this title is packed full of them. So if you need a ‘Bluff your way in leadership’ this one is for you.

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