Global view delivers KM benefits.

A failure to approach knowledge management projects from a global perspective means that companies are often missing out on the key benefits of the projects, according to KPMG Management Consulting.

Robert Taylor, a principal consultant at the consultancy firm, speaking at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers conference, claimed that while many organisations are making headway in sharing information and expertise regionally and nationally, they are often failing to make the transition to global knowledge management.

Taylor commented: “A number of organisations can be seen to have a good grasp of the business benefits of knowledge management … unfortunately, this understanding and enthusiasm is not always applied to global knowledge initiatives.”

He continued: “Knowledge management is only truly effective when it covers all the information within an organisation.”

Taylor believes that by concentrating on local knowledge management initiatives, companies run the risk of creating “knowledge legacies”, which are isolated pockets of information that are inflexible and incapable of interacting with each other.

Taylor emphasised that “while creating a global knowledge initiative may sound daunting and seem an almost insurmountable task, in real terms less effort and resources are needed than those required to produce a whole host of independent projects.”

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