Flexibility not cost driving ICAEW members to cloud

The take up of web based software by accountants and senior finance
professionals is growing dramatically as cost stops being the main driver for
adoption but instead increased flexibility.

Members of the ICAEW took part in a survey which revealed 82% are already
using web based software for their business. Just 30% of finance directors and
accountants see value for money as the main reason to adopt online or ‘cloud’
computing, with the majority of members more interested in its ability to
provide flexibility to the user rather than its ability to save money.

Hugh Scantlebury, director of Aqilla the online accountancy software company
which sponsored the research, said: ‘Until now, cost has always been given as
the major driver for businesses looking at web-based applications.’

He added: ‘Cost is not holding the adoption of online computing back.’

David Turner, marketing manager at Coda2Go which providers online financial
software, said: This is something that is changing. Initially lower costs were
seen as the main attraction but now it is a case of added flexibility.’

‘If in the example of swine flu a firm needs its staff to work remotely,
cloud computing can provide that flexibility’ he added.

Turner continues that: ‘Cloud can give the finance function the ability to
scale up or scale down as well as move locations which is fast becoming the main
driver for adoption.’

Over 20% were interested in online applications allowing the finance function
to reduce its complexity and 20% were impressed that there are no annual
maintenance bills associated with traditional in-house software but instead a
subscription cost.

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