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Whatever your feelings about the usefulness of the increasing number of themed weeks for an ever growing number of worthy causes, there is no doubt that managing the balance between life and work is an issue close to the heart of most professionals today.

More stories on this theme, and the ‘week’, will appear on over the next few days, and we have recently run stories about PwC’s efforts to manage stress and overwork issues among its staff, and heard from readers who say its all down to us – and we should all stop trying to be superhuman. The work-life balance week starts as the Institute of Personnel and Development publishes a survey saying that over one third of days taken off by British workers are not due to genuine illness.

If you have any comments about this issue, please send them to us at Also, Accountancy Age and recruitment consultancy Nigel Lynn are launching a careers survey later this month, in which you will be able to give your views on this issue.

New Rover chief John Towers told the Observer this Sunday that Rover’s finances look worse than they are because of BMW’s accounting methods, which make the UK company depreciate assets over shorter periods and write them off ‘over-cautiously’. has run a number of stories on this issue.

Special reports on this week include a look at profit problems in premiership football.

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