Deloitte under pressure over £220m Revenue deal.

Link: Revenue slammed over PFI deal

The Big Four firm acted as advisers to the government in a deal that saw £220m worth of Inland Revenue property being sold to a company based in an off-shore tax haven. MPs have now turned their attention on Deloitte with some wanting the firm excluded from future government projects as a result. Norman Lamb, a Liberal Democrat member of the Treasury select committee that investigated the deal, has sent a letter to Deloitte outlining his concerns.

Lamb hinted that Deloitte’s access to government could be questioned if the firm failed to adequately account for its role in the Mapely deal.

‘There has to be a question mark hanging over their future involvement because of what happened,’ he said.

He said an explanation from Deloitte had to be received before the examination of the Mapely deal could be concluded. ‘I intend to continue pursuing this, because I don’t think we have got adequate answers yet,’ said Lamb.

‘The report poses a lot of questions, rather than a conclusion.’

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