New face takes over as Hundred Group chair

Jon Symonds, departing chairman of the influential Hundred Group who is
standing down at the organisation’s annual general meeting this evening, has
told Accountancy Age that in his two years at the group he had helped
it face more challenges than at any other time in its history.

In an exclusive interview this morning he said: ‘The last two years in charge
have been an exciting period to lead the group through more challenges than at
any other time.’

Symonds, also CFO at pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, is expected to be
succeeded at tonight’s AGM by deputy Hundred Group chairman Philip Broadley who
is also group finance director of insurers Prudential. Broadley will begin as
chairman of the Hundred Group as of tomorrow.

Symonds added that two years had been ‘enough’ but that he had enjoyed it
‘more than he thought’ he would. He added that he would ‘greatly miss’ his role
as the most powerful FD in the UK but that he was leaving the position in ‘good

Symonds has proved a popular chairman of the Hundred Group, and the creation
and opening last week of the Oxford University business tax research centre may
prove to be his lasting legacy.

Symonds has also been credited for his work on international financial
reporting standards. In October 2004, two months before the implementation of
the new rules, AstraZeneca restated its accounts for 2003 and the first half of
2004 under IFRS.

For more on Jon Symonds read the forthcoming issue of Accountancy
on 1 December, 2005.

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