MEPs vote to suppress damaging expenses report

MEPs have voted not to release the details of an audit report which exposes
end-of-year bonuses paid to their staff, allowances paid to those who did not
employ anyone and allowances paid to companies or individuals linked to an MEP.

Voting in Strasbourg yesterday, MEPs not only refused to release of the
report but also rebuffed calls from the Ombudsman to publicise the names of the
407 MEPs who are enrolled in a voluntary pension fund, subsidised by the
taxpayer, The Independent reports.

The European
pays more than €25,000 (£20,000) a year into the pension funds of
the subscribing MEPs, who are required to contribute another €13,860 (£11,100).

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said the lack of transparency made it
impossible to check whether some members were using other parliamentary
allowances to cover their contribution, which he said amounted to

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