WorldCom denies Euro sales collpase

WorldCom European chief Lucy Woods was said to have informed senior staff of the figures in a conference call to senior staff. But the telco has now said the call was to all staff and that ‘contrary to news reports today sales had not fallen by the quoted 50 per cent’.

According to The Financial Times, Woods also said that the firm was struggling to win new contracts and that parts of its European operations may be sold.

But this was dismissed by WorldCom. ‘Europe remains a core part of operations,’ a spokeswoman said. She added that ‘We have no indicators that the historical sales dip in July and August is any worse than in any other year.’

The spokeswoman said the figures must have come from a disgruntled employee. ‘There’s always someone with an axe to grind,’ she told VNU News Net.

WorldCom has said some 450 employees in Europe will be made redundant but has not yet detailed its plans.

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