‘New age’ for adaptable kit

JD Edwards, the enterprise resource planning specialist, has introduced a new feature to its application software, in a bid to make complex business packages more adaptable for finance directors.

The new technology, Idea to Action, was developed closely with Ernst & Young and KPMG, and uses a window to guide the user through the steps needed to change databases or a business process, such as ordering. It has been incorporated into the company’s flagship One World ERP suite.

The new feature could provide the Big Five with a valuable source of consulting revenue. Over last year, JD Edwards recorded a substantial 44% increase in revenue.

Speaking at the product’s European launch, JD Edwards chairman Edward McVaney said the technology heralded a ‘new battleground’, with firms demanding software which can change with their business.

‘People can change what they want without knowing the technical side,’ he said.

But McVaney’s trailblazing claims were dismissed by Tony King, European managing director for ERP operations at Deloitte Consulting.

‘It’s spin and nothing new,’ he said. ‘It’s like SAP four years ago when they talked about templates for users.’

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