TUPE impact could be huge, says agency FD

Revisions to TUPE, which came into effect in April, initially sparked fears
among accounting firms that they could lose large numbers of employees to rivals
if a client decided to switch service providers.

Walsh, however, said that the FDs of other businesses should also be
concerned about the impacts of the regulations, as they could find themselves
unwittingly losing or gaining large numbers of staff.

‘TUPE is a totally different ball game. At the moment it’s causing much
concern,’ Walsh said in an interview with Accountancy Age.

Walsh’s company produce annual reports and offer corporate communications
solutions to some of the leading companies in the FTSE 100.

This means that Black Sun is regularly pitching for work on projects that
other companies may be working on. Under TUPE this opens up the possibility of
having to take on large numbers of staff from another company.

‘We will have to see how this plays out, but it’s something we need to manage
at pitch stage,’ Walsh said.

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