Tax debt forces John Barnes into bankruptcy

Former Liverpool and England footballer John Barnes has filed for bankruptcy
with HMRC as the main creditors.

The one-time rapper claimed the declaration is an “oversight”, reported the

HMRC petitioned for the bankruptcy order over unpaid tax bills to the High
Court on Wednesday 14 October.

“The bankruptcy issue is a tax oversight which is being dealt with,” said

Just five days previously, Barnes was sacked as Tranmere Rovers manager,
having been in the role since June this year, alongside fellow ex-Liverpool
player Jason McAteer who was assistant manager.

An Insolvency Service spokeswoman is reported to have said that they are
working towards disposing of his assets and repaying his creditors.

An insolvency practitioner is set to be appointed later this year with Barnes
in touch with HMRC over repaying the debt. He will be automatically discharged
from bankruptcy on 14 October 2010.

While on a seven-month contract with the Jamaican national side last year,
Barnes avoided a significant driving fine for driving without insurance and
pleaded poverty despite earning an estimated £4,000 a week. He claimed that as
Jamaican coach his wages varied substantially.

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