Institutes continue bid to define ‘accountant’

The ICAEW is reattempting to persuade the government to legally define the

term ‘accountant’.

In today’s council meeting ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza said the
institute had been working with the other CCAB bodies to put together
proposals to persuade the government to recoginise and restrict the use of

the term accountant.

‘We are trying to get to a position where we have a choice. At the moment we

don’t have a choice and members tell me its a problem,’ said Izza.

The institutes’ case was strengthened when Ireland introduced a legal
definition for the term, but Izza said the UK government still needed

While the ICAEW was pushing ‘most strongly’ on the topic, Izza hinted at the
need for further discussions between the other CCAB bodies. ‘Not all the bodies
want to move at the same speed,’ said Izza.

The DTI recently rebuffed attempts by the profession to have the term
recognised, stating that the term ‘chartered accountant’ was recognised.

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