PeopleSoft offered huge discounts in Oracle fight

Link: Norman Green, FD of Oracle UK – True believer

As part of the on-going courtroom battle over rival Oracle’s proposed takeover of PeopleSoft, Phil Wilmington, PeopleSoft executive vice president vice president for the Americas, admitted he had sanctioned discounts of 55% to close deals.

He added that he was prepared to consider discounting by as much as 65%.

UK customers could also expect to benefit from similar discounting, PeopleSoft Steve Swasey told VNU News Centre.

‘We compete with Oracle, SAP on a worldwide basis, so that’s a reasonable assumption,’ he said.

Software makers are often willing to offer massive discounts in order to finalise deals. But usually vendors prefer to keep to level of discounts close to their chest, in order to maximise their profits on sales.

The court case to decide whether Oracle’s proposed takeover of PeopleSoft would damage competition continues

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