Taking Stock – Wildes by name, Wildes by nature.

The rush to rebrand and throw money at a cool understated logo to reflect one’s oh-so-self-considering-and-vacuous-21st century-corporate-stylishness-and-taste continued this week. London law firm Wildes & Partners, which offers factoring and invoice finance services, has taken the image consultants’ pill and abandoned the suffix ‘& Partners’ – presumably with its associations of, uh, Dickens and Chancery – for a straight up, low key, Wildes. ‘In keeping with our innovative approach to legal services and developing products,’ explains senior partner Simon Boon, ‘we have introduced new services e-lit-e, our online litigation service, and rapide – our sales ledger, credit control and collection services.’ Accent on the future, no doubt, as opposed to the past or, er, the present. Clever.

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