Obama labor secretary-nominee faces tax questions

President Barack Obama’s nomination for Labor secretary has faced questions
over her husband’s unpaid business taxes in the latest in a string of
embarrassing tax revelations that have hampered Obama’s efforts to seat a
cabinet, Reuters reported.

A Senate panel delayed its vote on Labor Secretary-designate Hilda Solis
after the newspaper USA Today reported that her husband paid about $6,400 on
Wednesday to settle tax liens that had been outstanding against his business for
as long as 16 years.

The Senate Labor Committee’s Democratic chairman and its top Republican made
no mention of the USA Today report but said the vote was indefinitely delayed to
“allow members additional time to review documentation submitted in support” of
Solis, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from California,
Reuters said.

Solis was the fourth member of the new administration to run into trouble
over unpaid taxes. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was confirmed by the
Senate after paying $34,000 in late self-employment taxes.

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labor secretary-nominee faces tax questions

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