And here’s the winner…

Once we let it be known there was £100 worth of Oddbins vouchers up for grabs there was no holding you lot back.

Most of the entries were, of course, far from complimentary about the Revenue.Alan Gerroll suggests we call the Revenue ‘Revengency’.

Peter Newton with KPMG in London thought the ‘Gordon Brown Benevolent Fund’ would do the job. Others got a little poetic, such as Andrew Lis, who suggested – in fine New Labour-style – that the department would best be called the ‘People’s Pot’. Nice one. Tony would be pleased.

Other entries just tried to get clever, with one entrant’s cheeky multiple entry including ‘Nilrefunda’.

However, our winner – and the man who bags the booze – is Lawrence Hurst, who captured all the right elements when he suggested the ‘Government Initiative for Voluntary Income Tax’, or GIVIT, for short.

Congratulations Lawrence – the vouchers are in the post.


Win £100 for renaming the Inland Revenue

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