Taking Stock – Be traditional: don’t just merge, get married.

Celebrity weddings have become ever more media-friendly affairs.[QQ] Take Posh and Becks’ fairy-tale extravaganza last year, which was exclusively covered by Hello magazine, for example.

Or see this weekend’s celebrations of TV star Anthea Turner and businessman Grant Bovey’s nuptials, pictures of which featured the newly-weds nibbling on Cadbury’s new Snowflake chocolate bar.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that wedding lingo has entered the business world. These days, no talk of a merger is complete without plenty of marriage talk to spice it up.

TS was recently privy to the low-down on the finer details of a take-over between two small practitioners. The conversation was speckled with references to marriage guidance and marriage counsellors.

One protagonist was even heard to say: ‘From the first handshake we knew it was a perfect match.’

Alas, those concerned are still waiting for the call from OK – and for the free sweets.

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