IoD tells DTI to adopt clear agenda

The criticism followed the publication of Department for Business: the DTI in the 21st Century. The IoD called on the DTI to ‘develop a clear, coherent agenda’.

Richard Wilson, business policy executive at the IoD, said: ‘The DTI’s strategy is at sixes and sevens. On the one hand it is meant to assist British businesses compete successfully, but on the other hand it is involved in introducing regulations that are often damaging to businesses.

‘To an important extent it is a department in search of a distinctive role. Not only does it have contradictory agendas to pursue – the promotion of business competitiveness and the introduction of employment regulations – but it is engaged in a turf war with the Department for Education and Skills in respect of training policy.’

The outburst represents the second criticism of the department in the last month.

Recently, the Confederation of British Industry said the DTI spent too much of its time and effort on regulation and red tape and not enough effort championing the business message within government.


UK business hindered by DTI

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