End of road for Casson Beckman

Link: Insolvency firm may go under

The winding up of the company will bring to an end the existence of a once top 20 UK insolvency firm, although the consequences are likely to run on for the firm’s three partners.

The firm closed its doors in September last year and equity partners, David Nisbet and John Grisman, were declared bankrupt on 27 December after a voluntary arrangement was rejected by creditors. Salaried partner John Bennett has his insolvency license restricted by the Insolvency Practitioners Association and could lose it at a hearing this month.

At another hearing due to take place in Manchester yesterday, creditor Customs & Excise was appealing against the block transfer of a number of Casson Beckman & Partners’ ongoing cases to another firm.

Frances Coulson, partner at Moon Beever, Customs & Excise’s solicitor for this case, said: ‘(C&E) is not happy over the handling of some of the cases in the past. What is really an administration process is not right in this case and some of these cases need to be looked at in more depth.’

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