TS: Grenville invites all for an office tour

Promptly dubbed the ‘groupies’ the attendees were treated to speeches and a slap up meal at the Dynamic Earth Centre in Edinburgh.

Institute president Graham Ward explained why the group had been founded and was adamant it had nothing to do with winning students away from ICAS.

Indeed there appears to be no residual ill feeling between the institutes.

ICAS president Grenville Johnston was just leaving the event when he bumped into Ward and invited the ICAEW’s Scottish groupies to use ICAS’s new offices in Edinburgh for gatherings. So touched was Ward he could barely reply.

He was no doubt concerned about reports highlighting how long it was taking to get the new building finished and was wary of committing himself to meetings on a construction site.

Grenville then pointed out he had just been asked to choose the furniture for the president’s office, ‘so the building must be well on the way’.


ICAEW defends new Scottish office

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