Employees favour learning on the web

A new study by the ACCA found that 97% of employees in small and medium sized businesses found internal training via the internet just as effective and rewarding as external courses.

According to David Harvey, head of small business at ACCA, SMEs should be aware of the internet as a training resource, and encourage staff to make use of the opportunity.

‘Using training websites for career development is a win-win situation for both staff and employers as it significantly cheaper than external courses, and learning from a computer allows employees to broaden their skills without the inconvenience of travelling to classroom based courses,’ Harvey added.

In addition, online courses allow staff to ‘cherry pick’ the modules that best suit their needs, permitting SMEs to use limited resources effectively.

‘Employees can study at their own pace,’ Harvey added, while ‘allowing staff to undergo training can boost morale within the company’.



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