Revenue not helping taxpayers, says UK 200 Group

The research claims the Revenue has ‘failed to learn from past years’ and insists that many aspects of its work,interest calculation, statements, incorrectly issued penalties,timeliness on dealing with enquiries ‘are all areas which have shown little or no improvement.’

Criticism from the survey, produced by the UK 200 Group, also focuses on the Revenue’s computer systems which it says are ‘creaking’ and delays for repayments.

Members surveyed also concluded that Revenue staff ‘seem to receive little or no training’.

‘In the longer term the gulf between the Revenue and Agents appears to be widening. For some that combative attitude was always there, but many firms had good (and still do) relations, but there is a growing distance and alienation.’If the Revenue and consequently the Agents retire into a siege mentality then the only loser will be the Taxpayer,’ said the report.

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