Long hours are over for finance

Link: ‘Promote flexible working’

Despite the launch of a new stress code by the Health and Safety Executive to beat excessive pressure at work, most financial directors do not believe there is a problem with working long hours in their departments.

This week’s Accountancy Age Reed Accountancy Big Question found that only three of every 10 FDs questioned thought that staff in their finance department spent too long at work. By comparison, 57% didn?t think working hours were an issue.

Many have anticipated the amount of work required and set staff numbers accordingly. ‘I try to keep my head count at a level so that we don?t have to work longer hours,’ said one FD.

Several of those surveyed thought it was very important not to over-stretch staff as it was bad for the company in the long run. ‘If people get into the habit of long hours, I believe it has an adverse affect on their home life, which ultimately affects their work life,’ said one respondent.

However, some thought the situation was getting worse, with the introduction of greater technology, and changes to the work ethos creating more work, rather than removing the burden.

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