Iris warns Microsoft users of ‘Vista by stealth’

Leading accounting software vendor Iris, the maker of Exchequer, has warned
its users to be wary of the impacts the new Microsoft Vista system will have on
IT infrastructure.

‘A survey amongst Exchequer users has shown that a massive 59% have no
immediate plans to move to Vista or to purchase Vista compatible PCs. However,
calls to our customer support teams are already proving that Microsoft Vista is
arriving through the back door for many businesses,’ said Iris Product Director
Paul Sparkes.

Microsoft has pushed its new Vista operating system by expressing its
reluctance for PC manufacturers to ship hardware that does not have Vista on it.

‘Replacing just one broken machine could mean that they can tear up their
carefully laid plans for a managed roll out and they will be forced into running
Vista whether they want to or not,’ Sparkes added.

Iris has nevertheless forged ahead with its sixth version of Exchequer which
will be compatible with Vista. The user interface has undergone a complete
overhaul and graphics have been enhanced.

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