Audit Commission launches technical plan

The guide spells out the Commission’s technical strategy for the next three years and is intended to give the Commission a clear sense of purpose and focus.

Under its new technical strategy, the Commission aims to promote high standards of external auditing in local government and the NHS. It will also safeguard the Commission’s position at the forefront of public audits and professional debate.

In addition, the Commission aims to build its relationships with audit suppliers and develop its expertise on technical accounting, auditing and financial reporting issues.

The new strategy is designed to reflect both the changing external environment and developments within local authorities and the NHS.

Martin Evans, director of Audit Policy and Appointments expressed his satisfaction with the technical strategy and said the Commission was committed to ‘working closely with the accountancy profession, the national audit agencies and other stakeholders in taking forward its technical work’.

Every year auditors appointed by the Audit Commission are responsible for public audits totalling more than £100bn.


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