Scots close door to fast-track CIPFA members

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland has closed a scheme
offering CIPFA members fast-track membership of ICAS. About one in six CIPFA
candidates who began the scheme completed it and became members.

In a statement the Scottish institute said: ‘the focus in the ICAS syllabus
on international financial reporting standards meant that CIPFA candidates, many
of whom have not covered IFRS, could no longer be given the exemptions that made
accelerated entry to ICAS possible.’

Chief executive Desmond Hudson said that when the course was first offered to
CIPFA members, ‘the accountancy landscape was very different’.

‘The educational content of today’s CA qualification has changed
dramatically. Unfortunately for CIPFA, it means it is no longer sustainable for
their members to benefit from this fast-track entry to ICAS’, said Hudson.

Executive director of education at ICAS, Mark Allison added: ‘We will shortly
be contacting our remaining CIPFA students to confirm the transitional
arrangements which will allow them to complete their studies.’

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